Charity Skydiving Jumps

Maybe you could do it for charity?

Skydiving has long been accepted as a popular and effective method of raising funds for charity. By placing oneself in an unfamiliar and challenging environment (and to many an unenviable one), there is considerable scope to encourage financial pledges in favour of your chosen cause from family, friends and work colleagues. Such extreme activities should not be undertaken lightly, however rest assured the British Parachute Association dropzones that we recommend have excellent safety records.

The Click and Jump team are experts in our field, we collectively have over 14,000 skydives, are regular jumpers, thrive on sharing our experiences, knowledge and passion for the sport.

Here is how to get started..

Go to and setup a fundrasing account.

Send friends and family the link to your donation page.

You can either contact Click and Jump to book your date and pay your booking fee or if you prefer you can wait until you have enough donations to hit your fundraising target on your BMyCharity page.

Book your skydive online or give us a call.

Go and jump!

You can choose the charity you'd like to support as your event when you make your account. We have arrangements with many charities, but if your preferred charity isnt on the event list then get in touch with us and we will add it. If you would rather arrange your sponsorship offline then please feel free to download and print our sponsorship form.

If you would like to use some of your sponsorship money to pay for your tandem then you need to raise a minimum sponsorship target usually of £500 not including gift aid -some Charities have different fundrasing targets, contact us or look at the pages below to find out what your charity is looking for.

Most of our charities ask that you pay your own reservation fee of £50 and the balance cost of your jump can be taken out of your sponsorship money if you raise a minimum of £500. By raising money using

For more information about how online fundraising works click here. Please note that we can only take payments from donations if they are collected through - this will not be possible with any other online fundraising system.

Upcoming fundraising events

Here are some of the dates that we have lined up for charity skydives. If there is one you would like to participate in please get in touch with us and we will get you booked in.

Caring Matters Now22 March 2014Nottingham

Other events are being arranged - watch this space!

Can't decide who to jump for?

Here's a little information about some of the charities other people have raised money for in the past by doing a sponsored tandem skydive. There are quite a few charities listed here, so please use the scrollbar to see them all: